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 Corn Silage

Shree Radhey Agro Food silage is high in energy and digestibility.

It is a popular forage for ruminant animals and is formed by a process of anaerobic fermentation. It is easily adapted to mechanisation from the stand crop to the time of breeding.

Milk Quantity and Quality Effect

Despite variation in nutritive value, maize silage is rich in metabolisable energy and supports higher DMI and milk yield. Harvesting maize silages at a DM content between 300 and 350 g kg(-1) and feeding in combination with grass silage results in a higher milk yield of dairy cows.

Reproduction Cycle Effects

Maize silage as a healthy fodder is not specifically meant for reproduction in cattle groups, however it supports with adding well balanced nutrients influences great reproduction moment.


A good silage inoculant gives a faster, more efficient fermentation, resulting in less energy and dry-matter loss and greater animal performance when compared to an untreated control.

Put simply, they help you to lock in more of the pasture or crop's nutrients and dry-matter so that they can be used by livestock to produce More Milk

Animal Health Benefits

Maize silage is safe to feed because it contains a mix of grain and fibre , maize. Maize silage can be used to increase livestock growth rates, put condition on cows or to increase milk production. Low protein, high carbohydrate maize silage is an excellent complement to low carbohydrate.