Shree Radhey Agro Food

Our Story

Inspired by ‘Make in India’

Shree Radhey Agro Food is an exceptionally innovative organisation with a solitary objective to raise awareness of Baled Silage as a solution for fodder crisis in India. 
The organisation is involved in the provision of Silage Bales to Government/Animal Husbandry, Dairy Farmers, Co-Operatives and supplies vital consumables. 

The exceptional stable microbiology of the Shree Radhey bundles gives a superior microbiological flora in the rumen prompting a superior valorisation of the nutritions. Since we began with SR Agro Food bundles the quality and the flavour of the milk of the cows that are feed SR Agro Food silage is much higher due to a organised fermentation.

We use best-in-class crops & inoculants and follow proper agronomic practices to deliver high-quality corn silage year-round.

Our Mission is to provide nutritious silage at the doorstep of dairy farmers by monitoring the whole value chain from hybrid selection to silage bale delivery.” In order to achieve this objective, we use cutting-edge technology, with the only goal of improving the productivity of Indian Dairy farmers and help them in getting the most out of their farms by providing them with international quality products and service.