Shree Radhey Agro Food

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Changes your idea of fodder 'CHARA'

We source the best hybrids and tests locally to ensure top-performing Corn Silage that suits animals. Plus, it’s packed with world-class packaging solutions that make silage secure for a longer duration.

  •  Improves avg. milk yield thereby proposes economic stability to dairying and sustained earnings for the dairy farmers; especially the women. This may contribute to the government’s vision of ‘helping farmers grow’.

  • Improves average animal health due to the consistent accessibility of good quality fodder. The Indian subcontinent is more prone to droughts- their frequency. intensity and impact vary greatly with the geographic area. Droughts cause misery both to human and livestock due to the widespread crop failures leading to acute shortages of food and fodder and affecting human and livestock health. nutrition and production.

  • Baled silage technology compliments breed improvement efforts of the government with sufficient fodder availability in place. Livestock rearing is an integral component of rural living with cattle breeding and milk production being the important professions in rural India.

  • State machinery can be well prepared during drought and flood conditions. This is essential for the targeted increase in production through feeding and to take up appropriate measures required to provide better nutrition to animals during the drought period. The critical need is to build proper feed and fodder reserves to tackle the shortages in low rainfall years.

  • Shree Radhey Agro Food silage enables an increase in milk production, With a balanced ratio composed of good maize silage (30 kg) and dairy meal/concentrates (5 kg) representing in total 15 kg of dry matter, a cow that is well managed can produce at least 20 litres of milk per day.

  • Instant & Ready to use product

  • UV Protected Packaging - Shelf life up to 18 months

  • Round the year supply

  • Affordable price - Reduced dependence on concentrated feed

  • Can be fed to cows, buffaloes and bulls 

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